Friday, August 29, 2008

Lazy Friday Night

Here are some pictures of what we are doing now. A whole lotta nothin. Javier had his 4 year check up today. This includes a hearing and vision check and FOUR shots! The doctor told me, in front of him, that he would get four shots. Then we had to WAIT for probably ten minutes. It seemed like ten hours. He was scared and I don't blame him. So the nurse finally came in with 4 syringes. I had to help her hold him down. My face was up by his face and I got a nice long look at his tonsils while he was screaming!! The good news is that he is not due any more shots until he is 12. Then we came home and watched 101 Dalmatians and ordered pizza.

Action shot of the slobber

dirty face
after a little spit... I like this one.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Today was Javier's first day of Pre-K. He did NOT want to wear the shirt. I have learned that he does not like to perform when I want him to most.
Most looked like this.
This is the ONLY decent one.
Before we left for school. He wanted Lucy to watch TV with him.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Carlos and I went to a friend's wedding Saturday night. We were trying to get a good picture of us. I don't think we succeeded. I have a hard time smiling with my braces... And I need a haircut. Also Javier on our way to Target. He looks like such a big boy with his baseball cap on. Enjoy. Watch for back to school pictures tomorrow.

Some quotes from our day:

I asked Javier if he wanted to make jello or pudding. He said, "I want to make pudding because jello has to like cook in that oven (pointing to the fridge) for like 30 hours."

The cable guy came to fix our modem. Javier was singing some hallelujah song. The cable guy said,"Looks like someone enjoyed the Sunday service today."

Javier and Carlos are in the playroom practicing soccer. I am in the other room blogging and I hear this: Javier points to the ceiling and says, " That means I am pointing to Jesus." Carlos says, " Jesus wants you to kick the ball."

Ready to go... Dropping off the kiddos.
No braces
The best one, but I don't love it...

Big Boy

Lucy right now. She has a great life...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sea World

Friday Javier, Lucy and I went to Sea World with Alicia, Cody and Jeremy. The boys had a great time. We saw the clydesdales, Shamu, fed the sea lions, saw some alligators, played in the water part, etc. Next year we should get a season pass, there is a lot more to see!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Here are pictures from Javier's first soccer practice. He did great! Lucy is 4 months today. There is a pic of what she did during soccer.

Chocolate Milk

This is how I found Javier this morning when I got out of the shower. He had a chair in front of the refrigerator and a chair on the other side of the kitchen at his chocolate milk-making station. He had gotten the milk off the top shelf of the fridge and the mix out of the pantry. He doesn't need me anymore!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brother/Sister Bath

Lucy and Javier took their first bath together. I had trouble getting some of Javier that weren't x-rated... He was going to help me give her a bath. He likes to pour water on her after I wash her. He was acting like he wanted to get in, and I decided one bath is better than 2... Done.


Today Lucy got a bumbo! It is a thing that helps her sit. I was not sure she could hold her head up enough, but she is doing great!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Javier's 4th Birthday

Javier turned 4 on July 8. These are pictures from his party. Four has been much harder than 3 so far. He is so hard-headed and argumentative. We must stay consistent from day to day and that is so hard to do. We try to pick our battles... I am afraid this blog is as close as I will come to actually making a scrapbook. I have a box of things I save that I would put into a scrapbook if I had one. Does that count? I don't know how my friends find the time. Some of them do 2 or 3 of everything. One for each child. I would rather spend my free time doing something else. I choose not to feel guilty over that one.

More Zoo Too

I can't figure out how to put a caption under a picture or make the text at the top of the posting, so you will have to go to the bottom. Javier loved looking at the map. As soon as he figured out we were going to the zoo, he said,"Oooh! can I hold the map?" I have lots of pictures of him looking a the map and planning our route. I love the ones in the fake stump. I thought it would be too dark but they are pretty good.

More Zoo