Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Thought I would give you an update on Javier.

He is such an awesome big brother. He loves to hug, hold, kiss, drag and tease Lucy. He is very good about getting me something I need as long as it is for her.

He loves school. He has a wonderful teacher, Ms. Williams. She is very firm which is what he needs. If you give him an inch... Well, you will be sorry. She sent home a note the other day, A Happy Gram, that said how well he was participating during reading time. He was able to give several examples of rhyming words and opposites. They talk a lot about days of the week, months of the year, seasons, etc. Today he told me that January will be over in 3 days (school days I suppose) and that Spring starts March 1. Who knew? The first time he actually said March oneth, like 1th.

He loves church, especially the music. He has a good group of friends that are at church every time the doors are open. I call them church rats, Javier included. He has wonderful teachers at church who love him very much. He is learning a lot about God and Jesus and Heaven.

One of the most memorable stories to date is when Ms. Williams, his teacher from school told me that she overheard Javier ask his friend at school if he had the Holy Spirit... Of course this HAD to be the one Jewish kid in the class. There is a little girl is his class, Sophia, that he is especially fond of. She is teaching him how fickle girls can be. Every day he gives me a report. He either says, "Sophia played with me today on the playground." or "Sophia was not my friend today." Seems like there is no middle ground.

He is a wonderful, sensitive, loving and stubborn child. He does not forget anything. He will try to argue his way out of anything. We are trying to teach him what it means to obey the FIRST time. I am very good at asking nicely once. Then it can get hairy.

He has a reward system that we are trying to be consistent about. We started fresh this week. Again. He earns checks for taking out the trash, setting the table and other. Taking out the trash means carrying the bathroom bag of trash to the kitchen trash. He did it twice today. He loses checks for a wrong choice. At the end of the week we add and subtract checks. Each check represents a quarter. We will pay him Saturday and he divides the money between GIVE, SAVE and SPEND envelopes. This has given up the opportunity for us to teach him what the Bible says about tithing. He wants to save $8 to buy the Peter Pan video. There was a preview of Peter Pan on the CARS video that came out 3 years ago. I don't know if you can even buy Peter Pan on video. I guess when he has $8 we will start searching.

Lucy's Tricks

My first video upload! Here is a video of Lucy doing her latest tricks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Javier took this one. You can tell because he always has his finger over the flash.

Ready for Santa. Notice the milk and cookies.

I like this one. Good thing it is not closer because I am pretty sure she has a runny nose.

One of my favorites.

Some Pictures

This is from when we went to the park Monday.

He loved pushing her high!

Sweet brother!

He makes a big mess when he helps!

Lucy is 9 months!

I have not updated this in a long time. Sorry. These are some pictures of Lucy I took tonight. She is 9 months today! She has 2 teeth on bottom and half a tooth on top. Lucy has learned several tricks. Tonight she learned to clap when I ask her to do pat a cake. She can shake her head no. She does tope (head butt). She gives kisses, but you better be ready to get licked!

Her serious pose...

Big smile!

She has learned how to throw a fit!

This one is a little blurry, but I like her expression.

Here you can see the half-tooth on top if you look closely...